• We believe in a world where everyone has access to fresh, healthy food

    Grow with us.


    Join us for our upcoming community work day on Saturday, October 29th.

    We are looking for volunteers to help build raised garden beds and maintain garden space at our pilot site in Columbus, NC. Space is limited, so please email sydney@growfoodwherepeoplelive.org if you are interested in being involved. Volunteers will a Grow Food Where People Live t-shirt.

  • Volunteer Testimonials

    Together, we can improve food security in our community.

    “I volunteer with Grow Food Where People Live because my county and its people matter. I love being able to be a part of a program that is really making a difference in Polk County, and it is awesome to serve alongside the families and other volunteers and get great work done all in one day. For me, it has been an incredible learning experience and a labor of love, giving back to the county that raised me.” -Ericka Berg (CMLC AmeriCorps from Polk County)

    "I had the honor of volunteering with the Grow Food Where People Live in Polk County at Ashley Meadows last year and have to say that it was a fantastic experience. I loved seeing and watching the residence that live in the apartment complex have beautiful smiles and work hard together for the food they will eat and share with each other. Just knowing they will have fresh organic vegetables, fruit, and good smelling plants is a wonderful feeling to me. I can’t wait to help with the next permablitz." - Kathleen Carr, WCCA

  • What we do

    Grow Food Where People Live is working to:

    Strengthen community connections.

    Improve access to fresh, healthy food for families.

    Build a sustainable food economy.

    Create strong rural livelihoods.

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    Donate or Participate

    Interested in VOLUNTEERING?

    Email sydney@growfoodwherepeoplelive.org



    Email chall@groundswellinternational.org




    Support Grow Food through a cash DONATION.

    Just note: "Grow Food Where People Live"

  • Our Program + Our Partners

    We are just getting started...

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    Polk County 

    The Grow Food Where People Live Pilot Program

    We are pleased to announce our first live location is Polk Country, North Carolina. We plan to replicate in other counties across the region. 

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    Groundswell International 

    In 2015, we began establishing Community Micro-Farms in the places where vulnerable families live, and teaching gardening, cooking, and food processing and preservation skills that provide these families with healthier food options and save them money.

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    Polk County, North Carolina

    Now more families have access to healthy food!

    Polk County understands that people with access to great, healthy food supports the economy, saves families money and builds community. Part of the program includes a demonstration garden with Department of Social Services.


    One of the residential communities in Polk County is now a vibrant community space that is growing huge amounts of healthy food, strengthening family economies, and building stronger community ties.

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    Growing Rural Opportunities (GRO)

    Creating opportunities for the next generation of farmers. 

    The mission of GRO is crafting and creating opportunities for local farms and communities by facilitating education and advancement of agriculture. These activities will enhance sustainable farming operations and entrepreneurial connections for citizens in Polk County.

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    Thermal Belt Outreach Ministry

    Providing quality services to those in need.

    The mission of Outreach is to provide compassionate assistance to Polk County residents who do not have the resources to provide for their basic life needs. Outreach is the location of our newest Micro-Farm implemented in May 2016, as well as the location of the Garden of Hope project. 

  • Our Sponsors

    Thank you. We could not do this work without you!

    Groundswell International Team

    Donors + In-Kind Contributions:



  • Increase Food Security

    Revitalize & Strengthen Rural Communities.

  • Connect With Us

    We strengthen rural communities to build healthy farming and

    food systems from the ground up.

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